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22/03/2018: European protein plan should focus on how to deliver on improved “protein quality”

The European compound feed industry, represented by FEFAC, holds the largest market potential for vegetable protein grown in the EU. 

In a detailed position paper ((18) PR 8), made public in the margins of the DG AGRI stakeholder survey on the European Protein Plan, FEFAC raises attention to the “protein quality” dimension of the different protein sources and their use in animal nutrition. FEFAC stresses that different protein sources are needed for different animal nutrition requirements.

FEFAC President Nick Major said, “We notice the strong political interest to reduce the EU protein deficit and the inherent reliance on imports. It should be clear, however, that market demand from the feed industry for European vegetable protein is based on the nutritional requirements of livestock, i.e. identifying the optimal protein quality in available feed materials and delivering them to food-producing animals. We, therefore, need to ensure that the quality and nutritional composition of the protein is fully taken into account.”

The quality of protein is determined by factors such as amino acid profile, digestibility, protein concentration and presence of anti-nutrients. Animal nutrition science has already enabled the continuous improvement of protein efficiency in livestock farming, for example through phase feeding and the use of synthetic amino acids to more closely match the animal’s requirements. However, the adoption of new technologies such as innovative plant breeding will be necessary to further boost the inclusion rate of European proteins in feed formulation.

FEFAC President Nick Major commented, “If the EU is serious about reducing the protein deficit, we need to get to a stage where improving protein quality through plant breeding is seen as a key long-term strategic driver for market investments. EU policy development will need to reflect the ambition of wanting to reap the benefits of the most advanced plant breeding technologies so they can be brought to farm level.”

As part of seven key recommendations, FEFAC also advises the European Commission to invest in effective tools that can measure the impact of all relevant EU policies on the strategic protein supply of the European feed sector.

For more information visit the FEFAC website, HERE.

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22/03/2018: Future of milling to be determined at IDMA

IDMA, an international fair for milling machinery, cereals and pulses processing technologies, is again the event for those who want to make advantageous investments with its overseas promotions, and strong collaborations with sectoral associations. 

The future of the milling sector will be determined at IDMA, international flour, feed, semolina, rice, corn, bulgur, milling machinery & pulse, pasta, biscuit technologies exhibition, and the wheels of the industry will turn at IDMA.

Grain is one of the most strategic products of today because it constitutes the grist of many foodstuffs and has a very critical place in feeding the world. Many countries are conducting R&D studies towards increasing the efficiency in grains in order to guarantee food safety.

FAO has updated its forecast for worldwide cereal production in 2017 now stands at 2 billion 640 million tons. This figure is a world record. Along with the production, grain trade is also in an increasing trend.

According to International Grains Council (IGC), grain trade will make an unprecedented peak in 2017/18 year with a volume of 361 million tons. This increasing strategic value and corresponding production figures increase the importance of the milling sector which constitutes a critical chain for grain to be processed until it comes to our tables as food.

IDMA comprehends this critical matter and has the aim of being a platform providing the milling sector an opportunity for technology and information sharing, organisers are excited to be opening its gates for the eighth time.

IDMA, which succeeded in attracting many investors from all around the world in 2017, despite it being a year when the entire world experienced recession, is aiming at increasingly sustaining this success in 2019 as well.

Global milling giants are gathering at IDMA 
The 8th edition of IDMA which will open its gates between 11 and 14 April, 2019 will be held in CNR Expo-Istanbul, the largest and rooted fairground in Turkey. Over 280 Turkish and international brands including the top brands from milling and cereals and pulses processing technologies sectors will open booths and present their latest technologies in the exhibition that will take place on an area of 38 thousand square meters in total.

Technologies exhibited

• Grain and flour mill technologies
• Bulgur production technologies
• Feed productıon technologies
• Rice and pulses processing technologies
• Pasta production technologies
• Biscuıt production technologies
• Grain and pulses storage technologies
• Laboratory equipment
• Spare parts and sub-industry products

For more information visit the IDMA website, HERE.

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22/03/2018: Humility, the great challenge of Internationalisation

By Antonio Garza de Yta, Ph.D. Rector, Universidad Technógica del Mar de Tamaulipas Bicentenario

I had the opportunity to be with several groups of producers and academics in past meetings and after intense dialogues with many of them the subject of this column arose.

First of all, I would like, as always, to express that I am not the owner of the absolute truth, but I believe that there are concepts that are indispensable for the aquaculture development of the country and the region; and one of them is humility.

In principle, we have to accept that Mexico is not a giant of aquaculture, that we only produce around 200 thousand tons in controlled systems and that not everything we do is the right thing to do. We have to admit that we do not know many things, that not everything is done, that there is a world full of possibilities and that, although we have been in this business for many decades, we still have a lot to learn.

This I say after listening to the reports of many Government Institutions and Research Centers, of several countries of the region, that report actions and achievements that are simply incongruent with the reality that is lived every day.

A simple example: All the countries of the region report activities of extension in aquaculture that would lead us to think that we have the subject covered, when in fact most of this is done by people who are not qualified to do their work and in Very few occasions are performed by people truly specialised in our area.

It is not about sending hundreds of people to the field, but about sending the key people to transform the activity, to promote new technologies, to open the minds of the producers. An extensionist is much more than a technician who raises surveys; an extensionist is a generator of change.

This is just one of many topics; I could go into several others, but it would be pointless to write a somber column. Those who know me and / or read me know that with me it is about how I do, never about why not. I touch the point, because in order to take that great step, the one we are all looking for, where Latin America becomes a leading actor in world aquaculture, we have to open our minds, and not only to the local, but to the whole world. Internationalisation will be one of the keys for us to increase our efficiency, reduce the incidence of diseases, optimise resources and consolidate value chains; among many other aspects.

Personally, life has taken me to many parts of the world, and I have seen first-hand how some problems that seem impossible to solve, and are only anecdotes in another part of the world. So let's accept our reality. We still have a long way to go on this long road to greatness. Let us admit our weaknesses, recognise our shortcomings and accept our mistakes, only this way we can strengthen ourselves to take care of them, and remedy them.

Read the full article, HERE.

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Bühler company profile

There are plenty of good reasons for Bühler’s success: Personal commitment, clever entrepreneurial decision-making, a high level of sensitivity to the changing needs of the market, and a core business that has become a byword for quality and consistency, founded on the distinct power to innovate.

Tackling the challenges of the period and of the market have always played a role in shaping the direction of the company. This is simply something that Buhler has always done, and when it comes to generating benefits and added value for our customers, we have always been a step ahead.

Bühler is a specialist and technology partner for plant and equipment and related services for processing basic foods and manufacturing high-grade materials. The Group is a global market leader in the supply of flour production plants, pasta and chocolate production lines, fish and animal feed manufacturing installations, and aluminium die casting systems.

The core technologies of the Group are in the field of mechanical and thermal process engineering. With its expertise and over 150 years of experience, Bühler time and again rolls out unique and innovative solutions for its customers, helping them achieve success in the marketplace.

Over the decades Bühler has come to be acknowledged as a reliable partner thanks to its distinct commitment to quality and its global presence.

Bühler Group operates in over 140 countries, has a global payroll of 7860, and generated sales revenues of CHF1907 million in fiscal 2010.

Visit the website HERE.

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22/03/2018: Women in Aquaculture event joins the programme at Aquaculture UK

A new event promoting greater gender equality in aquaculture has been announced by The Fish Site as part of this year’s Aquaculture UK exhibition.

Inspired by the response to the site’s editorial series Women in Aquaculture, the networking breakfast will be held at the Aquaculture UK showground, Macdonald Aviemore Resort from 8.30am-10am on Thursday May 24. The theme of the event is “Supporting the future of aquaculture by encouraging diversity in the workforce”.

Aquaculture UK exhibition
Image credit: Aquaculture UK
The breakfast will offer an opportunity for delegates to network informally and share ideas with a panel of senior industry representatives.
Senior industry figures will lead the programme, sharing their insights into the importance of promoting gender diversity in the workforce to help support the future sustainability of the aquaculture industry worldwide.

Confirmed speakers include:

• Sheila Voes, Chief Veterinary Officer, Animal Health and Welfare, Scottish Government
• Ben Hadfield, Managing Director of Marine Harvest
• Ruth Clements, Head of Veterinary Programmes, Benchmark Animal Health
• Heather Jones, CEO of the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre

Ellen Hardy, managing editor of The Fish Site, said, “This is a unique opportunity to bring together people passionate about diversity and sustainability in the aquaculture industry. The Fish Site team have been delighted and overwhelmed by the positive response to the series, and we want to continue these conversations as part of our mission to support the positive development of aquaculture.”

The event is supported by the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre and Scottish Sea Farms. Heather Jones, CEO of SAIC, said, "Aquaculture UK is a key event in the sector's calendar. The addition of the Women in Aquaculture breakfast further strengthens the event and SAIC is pleased to play a part in encouraging women to play a leading role in aquaculture."

Jim Gallagher, Managing Director at Scottish Sea Farms, further commented, “this event aims to recognise the significant contribution of those women already working within aquaculture and inspire other women to consider a career in the sector – as such, it’s something Scottish Sea Farms is very keen to be involved in.”

The event is free to attend and open to all, but places are limited and delegates should RSVP online, HERE.

Visit the Aquaculture UK website, HERE.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

21/03/2018: Shaping the future – telling our story, Aquaculture America 2018

The US Aquaculture Society, along with the World Aquaculture Society, brought together over 2,000 people from 61 countries around the world at their Aquaculture America 2018 conference this February.

The conference featured 624 speakers and 108 poster presentations from academia, industry, government and non-profit organisations. In addition to the presentations (given in 63 sessions over three days), the trade show featured 174 booths, offering up the latest technology and innovations to potential customers.

The meeting’s theme was ‘Shaping the Future – Telling Our Story’, with an emphasis on addressing consumer perceptions and concerns about aquaculture.

Next year’s meeting, Aquaculture 2019, will be in New Orleans, Louisiana from March 6 – 10. It is anticipated to be even larger with more sessions, speakers and countries represented.

It will be hosted by the World Aquaculture Society, the Fish Culture Section of the American Fisheries Society, the National Shellfisheries Association, the US Aquaculture Society, the National Aquaculture Association and the Aquaculture Suppliers Association.

Check out  For more information about the US Aquaculture click, HERE

For news on upcoming WAS meetings click, HERE.

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21/03/2018: Adisseo and Seventure Partners announce €24m fund dedicated to innovative animal health and nutrition

Seventure Partners, one of Europe’s leaders in financing innovation and a world-leader in Life science microbiome investment, recently announced that it has launched AVF, the innovative venture capital fund, targeted at supporting companies in the field of animal health, feed and nutrition. The first close of AVF at €24m, is corner stoned by Adisseo, an industry leader in the animal feed sector. 

The livestock sector is undergoing profound changes requiring the entire food chain to adapt accordingly and respond to strong global pressures and changing consumer expectations. The rapidly growing world population and the increased demand from emerging countries for animal protein present significant challenges to the sector, as well as the requirement to meet environmental objectives and for sustainable production within livestock industry. 

Image credit: Anne Marie Peterson on Flickr
(CC BY-SA 2.0)
 At a global level, AVF’s investment strategy focuses on two segments at the forefront of the modern agricultural and livestock revolution: animal health, feed and nutrition and digital technologies serving the livestock industry.

Within the animal health sector, food digestibility, its nutritional value and energy potential, and the traceability of the entire animal food chain are major opportunities, as well as addressing the challenges around limiting the environmental footprint of the industry.

In addition to the animal health and nutrition sector, the digital agricultural technology field has seen exponential growth, partly driven by climate change and scarcity in resources and biodiversity, as well as heightened pressure from increasingly demanding consumers. AVF will also finance digital innovations applied to the livestock value chain, such as smart breeding and diagnosis, control and traceability tools.

AVF will primarily invest in innovative companies in Europe, North America and Israel, but will also be open to strong investment proposals from other geographies, including Asia.

Isabelle de Cremoux, CEO and Managing Partner at Seventure Partners, stated, “Since the implementation of our new strategy in 2013, we have launched several institutional funds with defined investment themes, connecting prestigious strategic investors with serial entrepreneurs and financial institutional investors. We have launched funds in Digital technologies as well as in Life sciences. After the successful launch of Health for Life Capital™, which raised €160m with strategic partners such as Danone, Novartis, Tereos, Lesaffre and Bel to invest in the microbiome, digital innovation and in human health/nutrition/food, we are now launching AVF, a new fund in animal health and nutrition.”

Commenting on the need for and focus of the fund, Isabelle de Cremoux added, “This new thematic fund was created to address a very specific and expanding need in the market: preserving animal health, gaining a better understanding of the entire food value chain as well as developing technologies to cultivate and produce food in a better way. We are proud to count Adisseo among the privileged partners who share our vision and we will announce our first investments in the near future.”

Jean-Marc Dublanc, CEO of Adisseo, stated, “Adisseo is a unique company committed to strategic investments in new disruptive technologies, in order to enrich our portfolio of R&D innovations while respecting a mode of sustainable growth. Our ambition is to become one of the leaders in Feed Ingredient Specialties and the experienced partner of choice in animal nutrition. For this reason, we have been investing significantly for many years in our research programs and industrial development projects. With AVF, our goal is to invest in strategic collaborations combining the agility of start-ups with Adisseo’s expertise. As such, Seventure was a natural partner of choice and we are pleased to become a strategic investor in AVF.”

Visit the Adisseo website, HERE.

Visit the Seventure Partners website, HERE.

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